We build a more ethical, transparent and equitable future for all

A little of our origin

Why did we create Week?

WeOk's story is a testament to perseverance, innovation and social commitment. We started as a startup in Asturias, Spain, with a bold vision to transform the way companies comply with regulations and promote an ethical and transparent work environment.
We have achieved significant milestones, such as our recent expansion into the European market with the opening of a new headquarters in Turin, Italy. This achievement not only marks a new chapter in our history, but also reflects our continued commitment to innovation and Social impact.
Since then, we have evolved into a leading regulatory compliance solution, offering an innovative and easy-to-use platform that has attracted more than 200 companies in Spain in just three months. Our success and international expansion are testament to the scalability and the demand for effective regulatory compliance solutions across Europe.'
Beyond our commercial achievements, at the heart of WeOk has always been our commitment to social responsibility and inclusion. We firmly believe that technological innovation and social commitment can and should go hand in hand.
At WeOk we don't just build software, we build a more ethical, transparent and equitable future for everyone. We are more than a team; we are a community dedicated to making the world a better place, one code at a time.

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Our team

At WeOk, we believe that the true driver behind our innovation and success lies in the people who are part of our team. From our founders to each member of our talented development team, we all share a passion for technology with a purpose: create impactful solutions that improve the world around us.

Gaizka Graña




Saúl Triviño Suárez



Triviño Suárez

Xurde Brándulas Pellitero

Front End Developer


Brándulas Pellitero

Sonia Bueno Guerrero

Front End Developer


Bueno Guerrero

Alejandro Fernández Gómez

Full Stack Developer


Fernández Gómez

Sonia González Suárez

PM - Full Stack Developer


González Suárez

Maximiliano Jayme Dahlquist

Full Stack Developer


Jayme Dahlquist

Eduardo López Gutiérrez

Software y Web Developer


López Gutiérrez

Silvia Pescador López

PM - Full Stack Developer


Pescador López

Antonio Quintana Déniz

Full Stack Developer


Quintana Déniz

Lucía Saenz Sarto

Full Stack Developer


Saenz Sarto

Cristina Suárez García

Full Stack Developer


Suárez García

Pelayo Teijeiro González

Redactor SEO


Teijeiro González

Xavier Villaverde Lombán

Full Stack Developer


Villaverde Lombán

Our offices

oficina gijón


C. Magnus Blikstad, 58, Entresuelo, Oficina 5, Centro, 33207 Gijón, Asturias.

oficina torino


Via Francesco Ormea 33, 10125 Torino.